Power Tools

  • Polisher Sander PS7000
    Swirl marks from the pad moving in only one direction? Forget about it.&nbs
  • DUALSAW RS1200
  • DUALSAW Destroyer CS650
    Product Specs MOTOR POWER... 13A / 1550W VOLTAGE... 120V / 60HZ
  • DUALSAW Everyday CS450
    Product Specs MOTOR POWER... 7.5A / 1050W VOLTAGE... 120V / 60HZ
  • Precision CS300
    Product Specs MOTOR POWER... 5A / 550W VOLTAGE... 125V / 60HZ

    Blades & Pads

    DUALTOOLS Replacement Blades, Sanding Discs, and Polishing Pads for all of our models.
  • DUALSAW RS Wood & Nail Blades
    A smaller tooth profile allows for fast cuts through wood while protecting
  • DUALSAW RS Wood Blades
    Aggressive tooth profile makes this blade ideal for pruning and cutting all
  • DUALSAW RS Metal Blades
    Ideal for cutting copper pipe, threaded rods, angle iron, and conduit. Work
  • DUALSAW RS Multi-Purpose Blades
    Ideal for demolition projects where unknown/unexpected materials are involv
  • DUALSAW Diamond Blades
    Be sure to select the correct model saw from the drop menu Cut Stone
  • DUALSAW Tungsten Carbide-Tipped Blades
    NOTE: Be sure to select the correct blade type for your saw from the drop m
  • Wool Buffing Disc
    Designed to give any painted/waxed surface an outstanding shine and luster,
  • Foam Polishing Pad
    The waffled foam surface is great for removing wax and finishing while redu
  • Dual Wax Application Pad
    Ideal for wax application and removes minor imperfections while restoring a
  • Dual Sanding Discs
    Get the job done with DUALTOOLS PS7000 compatible sanding discs. Our f

    DUALSAW Attachments

    Outfit your DUALSAW ® with the latest laser guides, stands, and more.
  • DUALSAW Guide Ruler
    Transform your DUALSAW into a circular saw with our aluminum guide ruler.
  • DUALSAW Lubrication Sticks
    Prolong the Life of Your DUALSAW and Blades Protect your blades when they
  • DUALSAW Laser Guide
    NOTE: This item is for the laser attachment only, not the complete saw. T