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DUALSAW RS Series Videos

We've posted a few videos showing the DUALSAW RS Series in different real-world applications. Make sure you check out the slow motion video to see how the counter-action blades really work up close!



Counter-Rotating Technology
See how the DUALSAW's counter-rotating technology really works.
    • Counter-Rotating Technology
      See how the DUALSAW's counter-rotating technology really works.
    • Cut a Car in Half
      We couldn't think of a better way to demonstrate the many automotive uses of the DUALSAW, so we cut an ENTIRE CAR in half! Watch it.
    • Cut Marble Tile
      Using the DIAMOND blades (designed for masonry work), the DUALSAW plunge cuts right into a marble tile. The results were so jaw-dropping you can actually see the guy running the saw lose his chewing gum!
    • Cutting Bamboo Floorboards
      Ready to install that hardwood or laminate flooring? The DUALSAW quickly and accurately cuts through this bamboo floor board without splintering the wood.
    • DUALSAW Everyday CS450
      Our latest TV ad for the DUALSAW Everyday CS450
    • DUALSAW Laser Attachment
      Enhance precision with a bright, highly visible laser line to serve as a reference point when cutting. Works with all model saws.
    • DUALSAW Technology
      See how DUALSAW's counter-rotating technology really works
    • Dualsaw vs. Diamond Plate
      Known for its strength and durability, diamond plate is used on everything from offroad vehicles to military applications. But even the toughest aluminum diamond plate is no match for the DUALSAW.
    • Dualsaw vs. Drill Bit
      Watch the DUALSAW cut a drillbit in half like it was nothing!
    • Dualsaw vs. Multiple Materials
      In this demonstration you can see the DUALSAW cut through plastic, metal, copper, PVC, and wood without changing blades.
    • Dualsaw vs. Rebar
      See the DUALSAW in action cutting a piece of rebar vs. an ordinary grinder.
    • DUALSAW vs. Stone
      Even heavy stone is no match for the DUALSAW when equipped with the diamond blades.
    • Dualsaw vs. Various Metals
      The DUALSAW powers through steel, aluminum, brass, and copper wire like it was nothing. No other saw can do this!
    • Installing a Pet Door
      We aren't sure whether it's a cat door or dog door that's being installed in this video, but one thing is for sure - the DUALSAW made it easy.
    • Installing a Sink
      No more drilling pilot holes. Watch us use the DUALSAW to cut a hole to install a sink into a wood or stone counter top.
    • Installing an AC Vent
      Normally you would need a couple different tools for this, plus a lot of patience, but the DUALSAW lets us install an A/C return vent with ease.
    • Metal door threshold
      No bounce, no kickback, no problem. The DUALSAW cuts through this aluminum threshold with ease.
    • Travertine Corner Cut
      The DUALSAW makes counter tops and tile flooring easier, without a wet saw! Watch us corner cut a piece of travertine using the diamond blades.