Customer Reviews & Action Shots

We have used this tool on our volunteer fire and rescue trucks now for about six months. We have a "jaws of life" and it is bulky, it does take time, it works, but alas, people have died while we have been trying to extract them from crumpled vehicles. With this tool we have actually been able to cut into wrecked vehicles of all types much easier, we can have as many as three or four saws working at one time to speed up recovery time. This has allowed us to help people faster and we believe that in three accidents we actually saved the lives compared with the "Jaws" being used.

Gary Davis, PFFAL

Just wanted to let you guys know I'm pretty impressed with the DUAL SAW! It lets us cut small or large pieces of metal with ease without having to change tools. We've been using it to cut rust out of cars on restoration projects and we're already saving money by not having to go through cutoff wheels!

Chad Fisher, Vintage Customs

My husband and I purchased a DUALSAW last month. The first project we had was to take down an old 8 ft diameter, 12 ft tall satellite dish for a friend. We were not looking forward to the job. We feared it would take a couple of days to complete. Introduce the DUALSAW! It was awesome. We had the dish down in three hours. It went through even the thickest metal with no problem. Since then, my husband was using a reciprocating saw (also brand new) to go through some inch thick rebar. It was smoking, he was sweating. I suggested he use the DUALSAW. Done in a few seconds. This is the most awesome tool we have. Thank you DUALSAW!! We love you!

Jon and Lynn V., Anderson, IN

I enjoy woodworking and this DualSaw is fabulous. My son came to my house while I was using it and he took it home for an "Odd Job"....I have not gotten it back yet. He thinks this is the greatest tool. I finally bought him one so he would give it back.

Dianna M., Houston, TX

Value per dollar spent. I've never made a better purchase... I told my buddies that I use it too much to loan it out. Told them to go buy their own. Danged if I know a way to improve it. But you need to let every firehouse know about them and how to use those cut everything blades. It would beat that jaws of life thing at getting someone out of a car I'll bet.

Nels R., Cocoa, FL