DUALSAW Destroyer CS650

DUALSAW Destroyer CS650
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Product Description

Product Specs

MOTOR POWER... 13A / 1550W
VOLTAGE... 120V / 60HZ
MAX CUT DEPTH... 1 3/4"

Inside The Box

  • DualSaw DESTROYER CS650 Circular Saw
  • Impact Case
  • Tungsten Carbide-Tipped Blades (Set of 2)
  • Lubrication Sticks (Set of 10)

Product Detail

The DualSaw range of revolutionary tools boast unique and patented counter rotating dual blade technology, setting new standards in power cutting tools worldwide. The DualSaw allows you to cut virtually any material without changing blades!

DualSaw's simultaneously counter rotating high-speed blades provide these unique benefits:

Saves Money No need to buy different blades for different materials.

Smoother Cuts Cleaner finish than other saws with Dual Teeth Technology, one tooth cuts while the other polishes.

Professional Precision Precise cutting without the usual splintering, cracking and breaking.

Eliminates Usual Kickback Also minimizes sparks, vibrations and overheating making DualSaw safer than other single blade saws.

Plunge Cuts Plunge cut through every material without the usual pilot hole.

Two-Way Cutting Cut forward and backward without the usual kickback.

Replacement Blades & Accessories

  • G.L. rated it saw smokes when turned on from motor!
  • M.M. rated it excellent
  • J.P. rated it Awsome tool, has specific application though (utility cutting). can't beat it for Plung cutting or tight places, but I would not use it for framing a house.
  • K.D. rated it Love it
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