DUALSAW RS Metal Blades

DUALSAW RS Metal Blades
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Product Description
Ideal for cutting copper pipe, threaded rods, angle iron, and conduit. Works great for cutting plastics such as PVC pipe. Great for use with drywall mounted on metal studs and other metal demolition projects. Ideal for demolition projects where unknown/unexpected materials are involved. Works great for cutting plastics such as PVC pipe, drywall, and automotive body work. The DUALSAW RS Series Metal reciprocating saw blades are specifically designed for maximum performance in hard and soft metals. These high performance blades feature bi-metal technology that delivers up to four times longer life of standard blades on the market. DUALSAW's patented counter-action blade technology provides faster cuts with less vibration.

Available in 6" and 9" Sizes
  • Universal tang (can be separated and used as single blades)
  • Bi-metal construction for strength and durability
  • Specially formulated anti-stick coating to reduce friction and build up
  • Patented opposing tooth profiles ensure long lasting use and optimum performance
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