DUALSAW Lubrication Sticks

DUALSAW Lubrication Sticks
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Product Description

Prolong the Life of Your DUALSAW and Blades

Protect your blades when they are cutting soft metals such as copper and aluminum. These Lubrication Sticks guarantee perfect lubrication for the dual rotating blades on your DUALSAW. The sticks fit flawlessly into the top of the saw and when the saw is powered on, they move downwards onto the blade, perfectly lubricating the blade to prepare this powerful machine to cut easily through soft metals like copper, aluminum and tin without warping or melting the material.

  • Perfect for all Dual Saw Models
  • Cut with Ease Through Soft Metals like Copper, Aluminum and Tin
  • Made of High Quality Wax and Plastics
  • Protect the Tungsten bits of the blades
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