Counter-Rotating Blade Technology

See how it works

DUALSAW's patented counter-rotating blade technology makes it the only saw with two blades that simultaneously rotate in opposite directions; forward, backward, top, and bottom!  Unlike other saws, this professional grade saw's unique technology and dual blade design allows users to cut through virtually any material without changing blades.

DUAL SAW's precision engineering lets you plunge cut through material without the usual pilot hole drilling. This innovative saw's tungsten carbide-tipped blades are hard like a diamond and wield enough power to cut through wood, plastic, and metal.

  • Less kickback = better accuracy
  • Reduces sparks and overheating
  • High-performance with minimal vibrations
  • Precision Cutting - Less splintering and breaking
  • Great for Home Improvement projects
  • Multiple Commercial Automotive Industry uses

The DUALSAW is powered by a patented high speed system that rotates the dual blades in opposite directions. The standard in professional sawing, DUALSAW's double traction and inverted rotation moves its two blades equally both forward and backward, eliminating the usual kickback, vibrations, and sparks that other saws can cause. DUALSAW's professional lubricating system allows you to cut through soft metals like aluminum, copper, and stainless steel without overheating or warping them.

DUALSAW's laser-honed tungsten carbide-tipped blades cut hard and soft metals, hard wood, PVC, formica, iron, plastics, aluminum, wood, copper, stainless steel, and much more! Our Diamond Blades, also available with your purchase, add the versatility of a wet saw and can cut stone, ceramics, tile, and more.