How It Works

The Every-Tool For Everybody

For the amateur DIY-er seeking help in undertaking a variety of home improvement projects, as well as the expert handyman who appreciates a useful addition to his tool collection, DUALSAW offers a line of innovative, multi-use power saws and accessories that make it easy to be handy. Unlike competitors, DUALSAW breaks out of traditional categories to develop tools that fit the way people really live and work, offering convenience, dependability and power.

Make "I can do that" your new mantra.

The Features

The DUALSAW is powered by a patented high-speed system that rotates the dual blades in opposite directions. The saw's double traction and inverted rotation moves its two blades equally both forward and backward, eliminating the usual kickback, vibrations and sparks that other saws cause.

The saw has a professional lubricating system that allows you to cut through soft metals like aluminum, copper and stainless steel without overheating or warping them. The dual ball bearing system uses two sets of ball bearings that surround the gears for stability, while reducing friction at the same time. That means that inside, DUALSAW's gears are gliding smoothly, transferring 99.99% of the motor's energy to the blades, while outside, your blades are spinning faster and smoother, for 20% more cutting power.

  • Special design for highest resistance and extreme durability
  • Decreases axel distortion and damage
  • Reduces blade friction, preventing overheating
  • Superior performance, quality and lifetime

Dualsaw Technology

  1. Counter Facing Teeth on each blade: one side cuts while the other one smoothes, giving a perfectly finished cut without splintering or breaking.
  2. Blade Venting eliminates friction between blades, increasing performance and making the DUALSAW the ultimate cutting machine.
  3. Counter Facing Blade System allows you to reverse and reuse one blade, increasing blade life and cutting capacity by 50%.
  4. Upgraded metallic protection guard with integrated lubrication system and vacuum attachment.

The Blades

The DUALSAW's laser-honed, tungsten carbide-tipped blades cut hard and soft metals, hard wood, PVC, Formica, iron, plastics, aluminum, wood, copper, stainless steel and more. Our Diamond Blades add the versatility of a wet saw to cut stone, ceramics and tile.