Can your single-bladed saw do this? DUALSAW's patented counter rotating blade technology makes it the only saw with 2 blades that simultaneously rotate in opposite directions! This professional grade saw's unique technology and dual blade design allow you to cut through virtually any material without changing blades.

DUALSAW's precision engineering lets you plunge cut through virtually every material without the usual pilot hole drilling. The included tungsten-carbide blades wield enough power to cut through wood, plastic, and metal without changing blades - and with the optional Diamond Blades™ you can cut through stone, tile, and masonry without the need for a wet saw. You have to see it to believe it!  Read more...

Value per dollar spent. I've never made a better purchase... I told my buddies that I use it too much to loan it out...
...We've been using it to cut rust out of cars on restoration projects and we're already saving money by not having to go through cutoff wheels!
  • Eliminates Kickback for Better Accuracy
  • Reduces Sparks and Overheating
  • High-Performance With Minimal Vibrations
  • Precision Cutting - Less Splintering and Breaking
  • Includes Impact Case, Dual Tungsten Blades, and 10 Lubricating Sticks!

*Today only, limited time offer!